Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Paddle Rock Springs on National Trails Day

Join us on Saturday, June 3 for a one-way, down-stream paddle of Rock Springs Run. We will begin at King's Landing in Apopka and use their livery service to haul ourselves and our boats back to the put-in. This 4 to 5 hour paddle can be very relaxing and great fun. The 74-degree Fahrenheit water is the perfect antidote for heat and humidity. Nearly all adjacent land is state-owed, offering the feel of real wilderness travel. State law mandates having a PFD in your boat and club policy stipulates wearing it.

RENTALS ARE available. See for rates. 

This Sierra Club Outing commemorates National Trails Day, which is organized by The American Hiking Society. More information is available at

Contact Jim Gering (, 321-674-7106) for information on costs, meeting time, what to bring and relevant policies and constraints. For example, all adults MUST BRING their driver’s license.