Monday, August 18, 2014

Choosing Our Legacy: Understanding Amendment 1 on the November Ballot

Many Floridians consider Bob Graham one of our very best governors.  He has agreed to come to Melbourne to speak about Amendment 1 as leader of  the Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC).  He recognized that a coalition of organizations speaking with one voice is more powerful that any single organization.  The FCC launched Amendment 1 as the most important way to protect Florida’s waters and lands.  Many people, including Turtle Coast Sierra Club, and other pro-environment groups in Brevard, gathered signatures that placed this amendment on the ballot.

Amendment 1 dedicates 33%, or 1/3, of the documentary stamp fees from real estate transactions to funding the purchase and management of conservation lands.  This in itself is not new, but putting the force of a Constitutional amendment behind it is!  Unfortunately this is necessary because since 2009, the state legislature has allowed this money to be mingled with general revenue, and not used for conservation purposes.

The August 28 event will begin at 6 PM with a musical performance by the Ashley Gang.  Laurilee Thompson of Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant and a 5th generation Floridian will speak first about the critical importance of conservation.  Clay Henderson, a prominent Volusia attorney and former president of Florida Audubon, will speak about the history of conservation land in Florida and how Amendment 1 will work.  Bob Graham will speak about the importance of Amendment 1 to the future of our state.

Please plan to attend and invite your friends.  The registration link is:  Gleason Auditorium hold 480 people and we want to fill it up.